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    Home Nursing Care Filled with Love and Compassion

    We deliver expert home nursing care services for patients of all ages 24*7 in the country at affordable prices.

    We are the ears that will listen to the patient’s needs, the hands that will deliver care, and the heart that supports like a mother. At SoCal Home Services, we bring hospital-like care into a home environment. The foundation of SoCal Home Services is inspired by our own experiences and the difficulties we faced while finding good home care for our loved ones. We strive for excellence and compassionate care to help you and your loved ones live comfortably in upsetting and challenging times.
    Home Health Care Services in Los Angeles

    Home Care Services for Patients and Your Loved Ones

    SoCal Home Care is a carefully built package of health care and support services customized to deliver mother-like care. We have a team of highly trained and experienced nursing services to provide intelligent and passionate care at your home that you can trust and rely upon in difficult times.

    Skilled Nursing Care

    We have American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certified nurses in our panel to deliver expert home care services. The nurses deliver wound care, injections, and medication management and can complete minor medical procedures within the comforts of your home. Our skilled nurses provide adult care and Medicare-certified visits to the house.

    Personal Care

    For individuals rendered bedridden due to their health complications, we provide personal services like bathing, dressing, and toileting. The nurses from SoCal are not only providing services, but they build meaningful connections with the patients. They consider each patient’s needs, preferences, and personalities to ensure personalized care.

    Medical Social Services

    We evaluate the patient’s needs while considering the scope of problems caused by the disease. Our experts assess the home environment and social circle of the patient, along with providing counseling to maximize the patient’s coping skills.

    Companion Care

    Bring a trusted companion to come out of loneliness and have someone to support you for your daily needs and assistance. SoCal Companion Care is designed to help patients and elderly people at risk of loneliness to have experienced caregivers to spend time with them. The companions can help with daily activities, medication, scheduling doctor visits, and much more.

    Physical Therapy

    We have an in-house team of physical therapists and professionals. They will assess your needs based on the injuries arising from fractures, stroke, accidents, etc., and pay regular visits to your house. We can provide therapeutic exercise training, gait training, pain management, and assistance with walking using a walker or cane.

    Hospice Care

    Hospice care includes compassionate and careful end-of-life care for patients with a limited life expectancy. For anyone, counting their days to the end of life can be a stressful and emotionally draining time. Where our hospice care includes the required medical care, we also take care of the patient’s emotional and spiritual needs to make their journey as comforting and stress-free as possible.

    SoCal Home Care can customize the home health care and emotional services as per the patient’s requirements. From staying with the patient throughout the day to making frequent visits in the day and overnight, you can rely on us to support you in every way possible. Our aim is to give you a better life, help you recover faster, and bring mother-like care to your doorstep.

    Benefits of Home Care Services

    Our commitment to delivering the highest quality of home health care to every patient makes us stand out from the rest. Not only do we bring the best-qualified nurses in the country to help the ones in need, but we also give peace of mind and relaxation to the patient’s loved ones. As a caregiver, we thrive on fulfilling our patient’s needs, whether they want us to support them emotionally or provide private and personal care without hesitation.

    Stay At Home

    Home care services specialize in helping patients stay at home while they are recovering or need medical supervision 24/7. We help your loved ones with their medical needs while you stay with them for emotional support. Together, we can help them get back on their feet and help them live a quality life.

    Personalized Care and Assistance

    Our home care services specialize in one-to-one personalized care according to the client’s needs. We consider the patient’s needs and their loved one’s routines while building a healthcare plan and ensuring minimum intervention in your personal life, leaving no stone unturned to take care of the patient. We can tailor care services according to conditions like cancer, dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, and COPD.

    Palliative and End-of-Life Care at Home

    Home care service providers specializing in hospice care stay with the patient with life-limiting illness. While we promote living an independent life, we also believe in timely and accurate professional medical assistance when needed. End-of-life care takes care of the patients healthcare and emotional needs delivered by compassionate and trained nurses. The presence of medical assistants in these difficult times is reassuring for the family and relatives of the patient.

    Prevents Re-Hospitalization

    Effective home-based care will prevent the patient from making recurrent visits to the hospital. With our healthcare service providers coming from renowned healthcare institutions and hospitals in the country, they are well-equipped to handle the client’s care needs at home.

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    How to Choose a Home Care Service Provider For Your Loved Ones?

    We understand that you don’t want to compromise on choosing a home healthcare service provider. While it may seem like a daunting process because you need to trust the service provider, it’s not easy to trust anyone from browsing the web and checking their website.

    Care Provider Type

    Among all the care providers, choose the one that provides care services in compliance with the regulations and safety standards set by the national agencies and regulatory authorities.

    Types of Care Services

    Don’t look for a care provider that has a myriad of services. Instead, go for the one that has multiple specialized services. Prefer care services provider that can take care of medical, physical, and medical social services, delivering a wholesome care system.

    Nurse and Care Provider Accreditations

    Always check the nurses and care providers with the potential agency for the accreditations and certifications. At So Cal Home Care, we handpick our nurses, therapists, and caregivers from the top 2% of candidates and have built a formidable force to help get better and receive personalized care to the best of our capabilities.

    Cost Structure

    Always ask about or check the costs of services shared by home care service providers. We understand that when it comes to taking care of our loved ones, money doesn’t matter. Still, why should you pay an exorbitant amount for the services you can get at reasonable prices?

    When you associate with SoCal, we match the client with a caregiver who is well-qualified to deliver the required services and personality.

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    My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons', and since I live out of the country, I asked SoCal Home Care services to take care of my father. With SoCal’s assistance, all my father’s needs were taken care of, and he is living comfortably. Whenever I talk to my father, he is satisfied with the compassionate care and love showered by the nurses, along with their expert medical care and assistance.


    The fast 24*7 services provided by SoCal Home Care services are only a phone call away. I have called them many times to provide emergency assistance and care to my mother, who is recovering from an accident. As she needs effective pain management and timely medication, I also rely on them when I need to go out of town for official work.


    SoCal has always been with me to provide professional and loving care for my son, who is suffering from a hereditary disease and needs personalized care. SoCal has been able to assist me with all the care needs required for my son, and they adjust the timings according to his schooling and other needs. They help me make sure that my son doesn’t feel left out due to his condition.

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