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Hospice Care Services
in Los Angeles

    End-of-Life Care Delivered with Compassion and Professionalism

    While death is a reality, we make the journey towards eternity respectful, caring, and filled with love.

    At SoCal, we have some of the most amazing healthcare providers and companions ready to take care of clients with life-limited conditions. We bring a unique combination of in-house hospice care and medical services, allowing clients to experience a smooth and pain-free transition to the next chapter of their lives. We take care of clients of all ages, irrespective of their condition, and help them with their needs. Our supportive and intelligent nursing staff is well-equipped to provide emergency and palliative care along with pain management.

    Home Health Care Services in Los Angeles

    Our Hospice Care Services In North Hollywood

    SoCal Hospice Care services provide holistic care while focusing on the patient, caregivers, and their families. With us, every patient gets a personalized care plan structured to make them comfortable.

    Hospicare Care Coordination

    Expert nursing professionals are invaluable in ensuring efficient coordination of healthcare and hospice services. Our efforts are directed to accomplish safe and effective outcomes for the clients. We deliver a coordinated approach to support patient-centered caregiving.

    Nursing Care and Services

    SoCal nurses and medical assistants have the knowledge and expertise to provide physician-prescribed care services. They will stay in touch with the physicians to deliver effective end-of-life and palliative care.

    Physical and Occupational Therapy

    Qualified and accredited therapists regularly visit the client. Physical therapy helps with improving patient’s ability to move their body parts, and operational therapy helps patients get better at performing daily life activities.

    Pain Management and Symptom Control

    We take care of the patients with pain management and address each symptom to ensure they have the best possible quality of life. Considering the wide range of discomforts clients experience, we provide targeted care treatments for each symptom with the help of drugs and therapy.

    Medicine Administration

    Whether oral or intravenous, we execute medicine administration depending on the choice of route, convenience, and compliance. Our nurses consider medicine’s pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic profile to ensure efficient treatment.


    We understand that patients suffering from life-limiting diseases need highly precise nutritional and dietary counseling. SoCal provides highly experienced and qualified counselors to deliver timely recommendations while taking a holistic approach.

    Home Health Aide

    SoCal certified Home Health Aides (HHA) provide personal care to clients forced to stay at home due to their health conditions. Our HHAs work cordially within the home environment. They take care of personal care, laundry, cleaning, monitor meals, and assist with daily tasks.

    Bereavement Services

    Our hospice care services include bereavement support, which is an essential component in anticipating grief reactions. We provide ongoing emotional support for the bereaved for over 13 months to ensure that grieving family learns to fill the gap of their lost loved one.

    Spiritual Services

    SoCal spiritual team is available to meet with the clients and their families. Contact us for individual prayer, pastoral counseling, and reflection to support the clients in hospice care. We understand your religious practices and can help you find solace in the divine’s womb to bring comfort to your mind and body.

    Medical Supplies

    From hospital beds to oxygen, shower chairs, nebulizers, geriatric recliners, etc., we deliver medical supplies as and when required by the client at affordable prices.

    Affordable and Compassionate End-of-Life Hospice Care

    Why Choose SoCal for Hospice Care?

    At-home Hospice Care includes taking care of the client within the comforts of their home, delivered through skilled nurses, guidance, and medical practices. SoCal has become a leader in the industry to provide compassionate end-of-life care uncompromisingly in any situation and event.

    Affordable Care

    The majority of the insurance providers have hospice care included in their package. If not, SoCal offers reasonably priced hospice care. For us, the client’s mental and psychological well-being is important, and the latter is included in the services package.

    Run Errands and Medication

    Our nurses and medical assistants can help clients with their daily errands and personal care. They will also take care of medication schedules, ensuring that the clients take all the medicines on time.

    24/7 Nursing Care

    At SoCal, we are only one call away. Our nurses and medical assistants are available 24/7 and can visit the client requiring medical care. We can send the requisite teams of professionals in case of emergencies.

    Assists Like a Family Member

    To the client and their loved ones, SoCal nurses and medical assistants will feel like a family member. They provide excellent and efficient care in a home environment and collaborate with the family members to ensure a comprehensive care regimen to the patients.

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    It was a difficult time for us to see our father suffering from last-stage cancer, and the pain was unbearable for us to see. SoCal nurses and medical staff were able to manage the pain and bring comfort to my father despite his health condition. From medication to psychological support, the nurses were able to help my father live his life to the end of days comfortably.


    For us, it was not an easy decision to get hospice care for my son, but SoCal counseling and pastoral services made it easier for us to accept the hard truth of life and make our son’s journey to the afterlife comfortable and happy.


    After all the efforts made by the family, it was challenging for us to help my mother get relief from her condition. Even though we knew she was not going to stay with us for longer, accepting this truth was not easier for her. Combined with her condition, we were seeing her psychological state deteriorate. However, with SoCal’s assistance, my mother was able to find peace with her condition and stay happy.